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Nikon D90, textured in Photoshop.

What I have learnt…

I learnt so much from PE and I am so grateful that we get the opportunity to do this in part of our study.

I was provided with so many opportunities to extend my knowledge, not only in teaching but also in using ICT to enhance student learning, and feel excited that I will be able to better cater for and enrich student success through the knowledge and skills I attained whilst on PE.

I hope that you all had a great PE too and that you learnt so much.

I am now working on my assignment 3 for EDC3100 and am thinking about the models and frameworks I used to plan my learning experiences.

I used the TPACK model as my underlying pedagogical beliefs and extended on that through exploring TEST, Backwards Design, TIP and Blooms Taxonomy in a lot of my planning of lessons and units. Through real-life application I was able to develop a  deeper understanding of these frameworks/models/tools and am looking forward to applying more of these presented in the EDC3100 course in my future teaching experiences.

A blog post that looks at some models and how they were used and reflected on in a practical manner can be found here.


Okay, so I know that many of you probably already know about this webpage but I thought that for those of you who didn’t know, it was worth sharing for.

Teachers-Pay-Teachers helped in supporting resources to accompany many of my lessons whilst on prac. There are free resources and ones that cost money but I only used the free ones – a link to one of the resources I used for a maths learning can be found here.

Through viewing other people’s blogs I also came across Tara’s blog post that looks at a teachers resources on a blog which I found so interesting and helpful and will consider in my future planning. I suggest you look at it if you would like some great new ideas!

 These were also helpful in my ICT integration, particularly in relation to my underlying practices stemming from the TEST Framework, as it gave me a wide access to a range of interactive and online resources that are of a quality standard for enhancing student learning.

1st lesson on PE

Today I taught a maths lesson…please see my quick outline of activities which I had as a guide when completing the lesson to ensure that I implemented the lesson that I had planned and planned and planned!

Lead in activity = 5 minutes

Skip counting by 10s as a class.

Skip counting by 10s cards (Group game at desks). Give examples before proceeding.

Group activity = 20 minutes Resources – youtube video, 100s chart on ISB, desk mats, interactive pen. Students will sit at desks.

Watch youtube video – Introduce concept benefits (rounding to the nearest 10 can be helpful in estimating what the answer to a maths problem may be, give example) and rule (if it has a 1-4 in the ones column it gets rounded down to the nearest 10, if it has a 5-9 in the ones column it gets rounded up).

Show 100 chart on interactive smartboard. Below the 100s board will be a number line (the numbers on the number line will depend on which number is chosen). Give examples on 100s chart. Have one child come up and circle a number using the interactive pen on the 100s chart. Then another student comes up and writes the number in the correct place on the number line and draw an arrow representing if the number is rounded up or down to the nearest 10.

Give example from book on board (draw slope and ask questions).

Students then complete questions 4 and 5 on page 109.

The lesson went very well and I cannot wait to implement a whole lot more in the coming weeks.

1st Day of PE

Today was great!

I have an amazing teacher, an amazing school and great children.

I had previously attended this school for my past PE so knew that it was a lovely place to be, but I had not met my teacher before this course began.

I have never come across a person who is so supportive, understanding and realistic. She welcomed me into her classroom, involved me in discussion and activities, talked to me and supported me when it came to ensuring I will have everything I need in order to implement a great first lesson.

From what I experienced today I really believe that the next three weeks are going to reassure me that choosing to become a teacher was the right choice.